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- Allows you to borrow directly from our community of professional investors (individuals, companies, insurers, foundations, pension funds, etc.)

If you want to improve or repair your home or build a new home, Quick Finance offers you all the assistance you need to get it right, and we offer you real estate loans with very small interests to help you make your dreams come true

Whether you have a professional or personal project in real estate, our advisors can help you.We can respond to all real estate needs: acquisition in new or old, rental investment or principal residence, construction with or without law of tax exemption ...

We put our expertise at your service to optimize your project: we are able to advise you on a solution in SCI or in own name, and make you enjoy interesting tax devices, in the framework of a true heritage vision. So only we implement our brokerage skills to find the appropriate credit: insurance, rates, duration, fees and management, security ...

A car loan is a loan dedicated to the purchase of a new or used car.This type of loan is triggered at the acquisition of a car and can be canceled just like the motorcycle credit. Thus, it differs from a personal loan that aims to strengthen a cash.

For the purchase of a new or used vehicle, the way in which the car loan operates does not change, and obviously the prices are very often different between a new and used car. The volume of credit is not the same, but in the case of a new vehicle, we take into account the contribution of cash to the resale of the vehicle if it takes place in the first 5 years after purchase. In the case of a used car, even if the price is less important, the cash contribution to the resale is often less.

Before you make a car loan, calculate your car loan capacity to get an idea of ​​the maximum loan you can claim

You want to buy a new car, do some work, or just plan a trip, a wedding or a birth? The personal loan is for you! With this type of loan 100% depreciable, you can finance your purchases and your personal projects.